Aptimized offers a suite of turn key products that were designed to significantly reduce your costs while drastically improving the services that you provide to your customers. Our cloud based solutions have a simple design that will enable rapid adoption and immediate return on your investments.

RFS: Request for Services - Does your organization still use spreadsheets to manage your strat plan and budget? Is it hard to tie your IT spend directly back to real and measureable benefits? We have solved this problem and created opportunities for our customers to save up to 60% cost reductions when using our products globally.  

RCA: Did the server team tell you that a reboot fixed a problem with your application; only for it to happen a week later? Did you experience a major application or hardware outage that you never heard back on why it occurred? We have solved these problems by creating a truly unique turn key tool and process that enables companies to collect and manage the Root Cause of all major issues.

Service Management Catalog: What IT Services does your org provide? Our simple solution enables you to track all applications, resources, KPIs, & costs by application right down to the server. Easy to use reporting and decision making for IT Leadership

Greenbooks Online - Gone are the days where organizations produce documentation that goes out of date the day it is emailed - Greenbooks are runbooks in the cloud and can be used by Operations Teams for restart instructions on batch, communications to business units, documentation in standard formats, workflow requests to update docs, etc

Infrastructure & Applications Optimization Analysis Platform (IAOP): In today's complex IT world, companies are forced to pay millions of dollars for analysis or data gathering, only to learn about a problem they already were aware of. This tool allows companies to enter their landscape data and it provides the process, information and reporting needed to optimize their platforms without the need of a high priced consultancy.Aptimized offers critical technology expertise and a unique, repeatable approach to optimization. We focus on Cost Optimization and Application Remediation for our customers. Our customers have realized high impacting and measurable improvements in a proven and low risk program model. 

The net result of using our software or consultancy will be an internal Application Remediation Factory that standardizes the application estate across all IT services within the Client organization. 


Optimizing Technology Operations