Considerations for an SAP Project Systems Rollout

Considerations for an SAP Project Systems Rollout

Just about everything can be viewed as a project. If it has a start and an end, it is probably a project. From simple to complex, or from internal projects such as creating assets to providing services or materials to customers within a timeframe, SAP Project Systems is a repository for planning, collecting and generating costs and revenue within a structure that represents what you are doing. The financial insight this tool provides is of significant value to any services business that needs to regularly evaluate the profitability of project work. 

SAP Project Systems provides Project Managers with visibility and allows them to bring more financial structure to their projects. Users can organize projects better and automate settlement by project type or set start and end dates. Project Systems allows organizations to plan, schedule, collect, and generate revenue and expenditure over a project period. Close integrations with other SAP modules like Logistics, Material Management, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, and Production planning modules enables full lifecycle management. (as well as profit and loss tracking for services work. SAP PS also offers integration with external systems such as Microsoft project or other project management tools which may already be utilized within the company. 

PMO and Services businesses should ask the following questions when thinking through the type of solution they will need_

  1. Does your company have Project Managers and are they supported by a robust project system to manage their work?

  2. What do you want to do from a business perspective?

  3. How do you develop a strategy for performing the work?

  4. How do you plan costs and revenues and schedule events?

  5. How do you execute and budget and ultimately evaluate the project progress, settle to the intended cost/revenue receivers and close out your projects?

  6. Do you have visibility every step of the way?

Answering these questions prior to implementing your PMO system will be key to successfully choosing the right solution.

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