The Aptimized Internship program is a unique opportunity for high school and college students to gain real-world experience working in their field of interest. This program allows interns to develop new skills and expand their knowledge of the business and technology worlds, working alongside professionals and learning valuable lessons along the way. This program takes place in the Aptimized headquarters in Wayne, New Jersey. Interns will work directly with mentors, who will provide guidance and support throughout the internship experience. Working in a changing environment, interns will learn how to overcome daily challenges that come their way and gain a glimpse into what their future may look like.

  • Computer Science

    Our Computer Science internship will provide a hands-on experience with coding and research. Focusing on coding will allow interns to delve into ReactJS, NodeJS, SQL, and other programming tools/languages with Aptimized. Interns will be guided through the setup of these technologies and then given project development responsibilities. 

    The CS internship is perfect for those passionate about computer logic, coding, and technology implementation in the modern world.

  • Marketing

    The aptimized marketing internship is perfect for students seeking to develop industry-specific knowledge while enhancing their interpersonal skills, analytical thinking, and creative abilities. 

    With a concentration in marketing and content creation, interns will work with our team to create both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, top-of-funnel marketing activities, and more. 

    We work with each student’s unique abilities and provide a combination of guidance and responsibility in a modern business environment. Marketing interns may be invited to attend seminars, workshops, and other personal development opportunities.

  • Business Administration

    The Business Administration Internship will strengthen your organizational skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. You will receive insight into the back-office operations of a modern organization. By the end of this internship, you will have experienced the intricacies of Business Administration from both a financial and a logistical perspective. You will be given the opportunity to analyze reports, oversee onboarding processes, Accounts Payable and much more.

    This internship is where you will gain the resources, knowledge, and confidence to catapult your professional career. 

  • Sales

    By working directly with our sales team, you will learn the tricks of the trade and get the chance to develop your sales abilities. We will focus on lead generation, market research, customer account management, and client relationship management. This experience will provide insight into professional selling and relationship building. You will have the opportunity to speak directly with potential clients and work with the marketing team to generate new leads. If you are seeking a real-world opportunity to implement your sales techniques, this internship is for you. 

  • E-Commerce

    As an E-commerce intern, you will learn about the end-to-end processes for e-commerce development. This will include SEO optimization, link building, and competitive research. You will gain an understanding of web traffic analytics, SEO copywriting, and UX/UI website design. You will work closely with our E-commerce and Marketing team to create SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly designs.

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