With security and transparency required for implementing digital services, blockchain technology is increasingly utilized to fulfill these needs. Aptimized will produce a blockchain product specific to one function, allowing the best performance and without needing to compromise.

Our team will help design, implement, and manage a blockchain platform tailored towards your business. Though the technology is still in its infancy, Aptimized will ensure the quality and integrity of any delivered blockchain technology as pioneers of revolutionary technology.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has been used to streamline, secure, and clarify hundreds of services across numerous industries.

Key features of a blockchain ensure that once data is stored, it cannot be altered surreptitiously. Utilizing a decentralized system not only prevents any single-point-of-failure but distributes the responsibility of data verification to the entire system.

Many of the largest blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, Oasis, and HyperLedger, have seen unprecedented growth in recent years due to the many unique opportunities provided by the technology.

Phases of Implementation

The first step that goes into architecting a blockchain is to have full knowledge of its use case. There is so much noise out there around blockchain capabilities that a key factor is to wipe away that noise and focus on the use case. 

Will it be used to orchestrate energy transactions? Or will it be used to manage a fleet of rental cars? Each use case for a blockchain has its own set of requirements and specifications which a blockchain solution must be built around. Using a preexisting solution may lead to a working product, but it will produce slow and difficult-to-maintain results.  

It will also be important to understand how you will monetize or provide services around the blockchain you are building. Who are your customers? Who are your stakeholders? How will they consume what you are processing in your blockchain? 

Once your use case is secured, you can then begin building your blockchain solution in the following order of maturity. 

develop a robust blockchain wallet for your cryptocurrency solutions

Constructing Blockchain Technology Solutions

Build Your "Front End"

The next step is to build out a comprehensive design of your customer ready “Web 2.0” interfaces for the web, mobile, and back end administrative access to the technology you are building. You have to consider your functional needs, all of your nonfunctional needs, (like robust monitoring, or audit, etc), your infrastructure needs and finally your data integration needs – including all of your workflows for where the data will go once you are housing it. 

Design the Wallet

Knowing what the ultimate goal of the blockchain product is allows the design of its wallet, the user-facing front-end, which will facilitate usage of the Blockchain.

Designing this first is critical for implementing a blockchain solution; it directs the architecture of the blockchain based on what user needs it must meet. 

Add NFT Capability

With an interface defining the necessary functionality of the system, NFT functionality can be built out. In this phase, it is important to determine what exactly each token will do, whether it represents some real-world asset or digital information. Systems must be designed to mint NFTs onto the blockchain and to facilitate their transaction. 

Migrate to the Blockchain

With wallet and NFT capability built out, migration to a blockchain can finally begin. The blockchain itself must be designed to support the Wallet and NFTs which will be housed on it. Once the blockchain is implemented, existing data must be migrated to it without interrupting business processes or compromising security.

Management and Ops

With a blockchain project designed, its maintenance offers a unique set of challenges. Important is ensuring that all data is managed only by those who are supposed to have access: unauthorized access will degrade trust in your product. Also important is maintaining all services and to fix issues as they come up.

Aptimized offers professional experience on all phases of blockchain system development to our customers, from its initial setup to managing it into the future.

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