Aptimized will work alongside your company and partner with Google to provide various services for all of your security, transformation, and migration needs. Google uses the best of business practices to ensure a high level of security across all of its platforms and services, so you know that your data is in safe hands. From endpoint security to hybrid cloud connectivity, Google makes creating and transforming applications easy, which is why Aptimized will make sure to utilize the best features for your organization’s needs.

Using our partnership with Google, Aptimized is also an authorized Google reseller.

Certified Google Premier Partner

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  • Google Cloud Migrations

    Working closely with your business, Aptimized will develop a strategy to migrate your infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Google Workspace

    Aptimized helps make the remote working process, when needed, easy by bringing in the features provided by Google Workspace.

  • Google Security

    Aptimized partners with you to protect data with industry-leading security tools designed with the utmost protection to strengthen digital security.

  • Application Transformation

    App transformations streamline business processes, change culture, and produce efficient outcomes by virtualizing infrastructure into a modern framework.

  • Data Analytics & Measurement

    The field of data analytics draws data from an online presence and uses it to inform decisions, which help satisfy customers more and increase business profits.

  • Data Backup and Recovery

    Security includes reliability and backup services; Google’s storage infrastructure ensures cost-effective, resilient, and accessible backup and recovery services.

  • Hyperautomation With Google Cloud

    Hyperautomation completely hands off business processes to software, boosting productivity, empowering the workforce, and fundamentally shifting how business is run.

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  • Actifio: Google's Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

    Actifio easily integrates with existing cloud + hybrid environments, ensures that data isn’t duplicated, makes backup recovery simple, and reduces the overall size of backups.

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  • Google Workspace for Education As a Modern Technology Solution

    Google Workspace for Education is a suite of free tools for email, storage, and collaboration. Google Workspace is used by millions every day, transforming the way students learn and educators teach.

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