Cybersecurity: How Three Specific Aspects Can Help Protect your Business

Cybersecurity: How Three Specific Aspects Can Help Protect your Business

Cybersecurity protects computer systems from unlawful and unauthorized use of data. Nowadays, especially after the coronavirus pandemic, which led everyone home and online to go to work or school, cybersecurity is critical and relevant due to the increasing opportunities for bad actors to go online and exploit the ever-rising population on their computers and smartphones. Is your company and employees safe from the dangers of the internet? Every company must take the necessary precautions to ensure it is not targeted in any cyber-attack.

There are at least three aspects of cybersecurity: Policy Framework, Cybersecurity Assessment, and Remediation.

Policy Framework describes the general guidelines, rules, and principles a company follows to keep their company and employees safe online. Every company must have a cybersecurity policy framework to avoid falling victim to cybercrime. Most cybersecurity frameworks include assessing state risks and building programs and structures to help security teams. A lack of a policy framework may lead to improper conduct, open vulnerabilities, financial damage, and damage to the company’s reputation.

Cybersecurity Assessment is the process of identifying possible vulnerabilities in people, processes, and technology. This is where the common perception of a hacker comes in: a person wearing a black sweatshirt in a basement somewhere, fingers typing away in front of a monitor with green letters and numbers flying across the screen. This seems cool (or scary), but exploits don’t always happen with such flair. Hacks can sometimes occur through human contact (Social engineering) or malicious code injections. It is essential to assess all these risks and ensure you and your employees are free from any online harm.

Social engineering is a huge vulnerability and one of the most critical vulnerabilities to discuss; it is the use of human interaction to obtain information on a person or organization, and the intent is usually to commit theft or sabotage a company or individuals. Because humans are generally the weakest link to company security, employees of a company are often targeted by attackers to commit cybercrimes and gain access to a company. Therefore, companies must educate their employees to stay free from online harm.

It is also vital for companies to carry out various security tests. These tests include many steps, for example, security assessments and penetration testing. Unfortunately, no test will ensure complete safety from online threats, but conducting such tests is still beneficial to help identify and address pressing issues.

The third aspect of cybersecurity is remediation, which addresses possible vulnerabilities in people, processes, and technology. Remediation usually involves strategies to address security breaches and detect the cause of such violations. If a company does not have an adequate remediation plan, attackers may stay in the company’s system and continue to be a menace to the company.

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