Gas Mega Rule Compliance Through Digital Technology

Gas Mega Rule Compliance Through Digital Technology

After nearly a decade of work, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) passes the “Gas Mega Rule”. The changes adopted in the new Gas Mega Rule address the shortcomings in the data analyses, and integrity management and risk assessment processes of the transmission and distribution pipelines and interstate pipelines. The deadline for process and procedures is July 1st, 2021.

Gas Transmission operators must assess readiness, align current in-place maintenance integrity programs, manage risk, and maintain compliance as you transition into the new requirements set forth by PHMSA. BI visualization and GIS/location technology will play a crucial role in preparing for the Gas Mega Rule. These tools digitalize, store, access, and analyze information to meet the reporting requirements of the mega rule. Operators will be able to track pipeline location, deliver proper reporting, enable risk modeling, provide access to hazard data, analyze location data to mitigate risk, and simplify integration into your existing workflow.

Not only will complying with the Mega Rule support a safer industry, it will provide operators with more clarity into their pipeline systems than ever before.

Contact Aptimized to learn more about developing a “Gas Mega Rule Process and Procedure Plan” through accurate and timely data-driven information for companies of all sizes.

Emilee Larabee
O&G Business Solutions, Aptimized

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