Increase Revenue With Shopify

Increase Revenue With Shopify

In the virtual age, E-commerce has become an essential part of any modern business. Shopify is the undoubted leader in webstore management and development. Shopify got to this position by doing what they do best_ maximizing sales and increasing revenue. 

But how does Shopify work to maximize sales? And more importantly, how can Shopify maximize your sales?

There are two key aspects of maximizing sales_ increasing customer attraction and improving customer experience. While at first these two aspects may seem to go hand-in-hand, they require different approaches and need different skills to achieve.

Let’s first look at increasing customer attraction.

This requirement boils down to getting as many eyes on your webstore as possible. While one could spend years studying this incredibly complicated field, its main tenants aren’t incredibly difficult to summarize. Increasing the appeal of your store is as important in virtual vending as it is in brick-and-mortar enterprises. If customers don’t like how your website is presented, they won’t click on it. But there is one aspect unique to E-commerce which plays an overwhelmingly large role in driving customer attraction_ search engine optimization

SEO is the process of boosting the position of your page on search engine results. To make your page appear at the top of Google, you have to let the search engine know that your website fulfills what customers search for. One of the best ways to increase SEO, and subsequently clicks on your webstore, is to utilize keywords in the specific industry you’re working in. Shopify makes keyword inclusion easy and offers many other tools to drive clicks to your website. Read more about SEO habits to avoid based on industry threats of 2021 in our blog, “SEO Industry Threats for 2021.”

If a customer clicks on your website, they need to actually make a purchase in order to produce a sale. A good customer experience turns these clicks into sales. 

A good customer experience is a streamlined customer experience. If a customer has difficulty actually making a purchase, it follows that they are less likely to make that purchase. Luckily, Shopify is designed to streamline a customer’s experience through their various themes which can be modified to suit your specific business.

Customers should know where they need to go. If they have difficulty finding a product they are looking for, they will move onto a competitor website with a better layout. Shopify simplifies the layout of a webstore and makes it easy to anticipate how navigation needs to be changed.

Shopify’s ability to increase sales is supported by its large network of Partners. As a Shopify Partner, Aptimized provides unparalleled customization and optimization of Shopify webstores and does so with the needs of your business in mind. Contact us to see how we can leverage our Shopify partnership to accelerate your business.

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