Ivanti's Q3 2023 Update: Innovations in IT Management, Security, and More

Ivanti's Q3 2023 Update: Innovations in IT Management, Security, and More

Ivanti is known for its IT management and security solutions; designed to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure, secure endpoints, automate processes, and enhance user experience. While they do offer some supply chain management solutions, their core strength lies in IT management and security. Q3 of 2023 showcased Ivanti furthering its already impressive lineup of innovative IT solutions. 

  • Digital Employee Experience(DEX)/Ivanti Neurons Platform:
  • By decoupling the agent policy, Ivanti effectively increased the overall value of the product for customers. The Neurons Platform has also been revamped to include a new connector for Microsoft Defender and Azure AD group filter. Other improvements to the DEX and Neuron system include a completely redesigned reconfigurability to edge monitoring and a healing system that allows bots to create ITSM ticket stages.

  • Service and Asset Management
  • Ivanti’s new ITSM Neurons make it simple to enhance search capabilities that allow you to provide more relevant search results and visible user DEX scores. Additionally, Ivanti has added more types of Neurons for novel capabilities including ITAM, PPM, GRC, Spend Intelligence, and Service Mapping

  • Security
  • Also as a part of this release, Ivanti has made great strides towards protecting the security of their clients. For example, Ivanti has made significant changes to improve its IPv6 support, Rest API, and HTML program. Furthermore, the Secure Access program has been enhanced, allowing Configuration Sync and Universal Access to improve customer accessibility. Anomaly Detection has also taken a step forward to promote admin workflow. Additionally, Ivanti has made efforts to improve patch management by incorporating Neurons for both ASOC and RBVM.

  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • As part of the Q3 update, Ivanti has incorporated a new Endpoint tool into their system called the “Ivanti Endpoint Manager.” This new application distribution tool improves MacOS patching capabilities and includes removal of ports 80 and 9595 security enhancements


    Overall, Ivanti has continued its trend of excellence in the business software space as it continues to revolutionize and improve its product every quarter. The advancements to the Neuron database and security measures stand out specifically this quarter. Even though Ivanti has made massive strides, its hard to fathom the fact that there are still more improvements coming to their system in the foreseeable future. 

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