Making the Most of QuickBooks Desktop

Making the Most of QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is a light and effective financial tool that allows businesses to keep track of their financial performance. This is great for individual businesses, however, for organizations that manage more than one location or “Company File,” QuickBooks is limited in its ability to provide reporting for multiple entities within a company. Higher tier versions of QuickBooks do provide some consolidation in reporting, but those versions lack the features of individual company reports. 

So, how can an organization report on multiple company files at once? 

QuickBooks provides an API to allow custom applications to interface with it. By using this API, a custom application can run QuickBooks as a background process, running reports and pulling data directly from the application. While custom applications initially need manual approval to prevent unwanted programs from accessing your financial data, the application can run silently and automatically once manually approved. This is especially useful on hosted QuickBooks environments where multiple locations access and report on their company files. In this case, the environment needs to allow for multiple users to login at once. By leveraging integrated environments, an application can be scheduled to run more easily, and it can pull from multiple files that are located in one place.

Not every organization can develop an application to pull data from QuickBooks. At Aptimized, we have developed a solution that can pull updated data from a managed environment, store that data securely and locally, and generate reports from that data with many of the same features offered by QuickBooks. 

Our solution pulls data from all of your QuickBooks desktop environments, as well as Microsoft Access and Excel, to store and present your financial data. By using Microsoft Office applications, we allow organizations to leverage their existing licenses and offer a cost effective reporting solution. This provides organizations that need to report on multiple company files at once with the ability to consolidate their data and generate reports to provide new insights. 

Please contact us at to learn more about how we can help you throughout this process.

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