Necessary Roles in an SAP S4 Implementation

Necessary Roles in an SAP S4 Implementation

A robust strategy and an SAP S4 Data Conversion approach dictate the success of post-merger integrations. To set the direction and develop value, organizations need Enterprise & Solution Architects to be fully involved starting from the planning phase.

Solution Architects combine industry and SAP best practice expertise with comprehensive capabilities to deliver high value results and maximize cost-efficiency.

All ERP Enterprise Architects and the ERP Data team need to have:

  1. Architecture: An understanding of the technology landscape as well as the process and end-to-end flow of data.

  2. Process: An adequate process understanding with a well-documented SAP fit-gap analysis. This along with a Data conversion approach to handle the key data objects and the plan to execute. 

  3. Data: A well written Data policy should include historical archival strategy to help the business understand what data is available for pure transaction versus reporting and Audit. 

  4. Entity Rationalization – Understanding the operational model of the Acquired entity and rationalizing the data to see if new entities are needed in the existing landscape. This can include Sales, Finance, as well as any other areas of the organization.

  5. UAT: An understanding of the overlap of data between systems that drive the data conversion, dependencies, and a successful UAT. Critical for the Post Merger to be successful is the UAT readiness and ensuring the data can flow through end-to-end without any breakdown in functionality as ensured by the capabilities of cross-functional teams.

  6. Communications: Communicating with the Finance or Operations stakeholders of the decisions that may impact a downstream system and always ensuring a holistic approach rather than looking at it from single process or application perspective

  7. Automation: Use of Automation tools like the SAP Migration cockpit which allows for faster data templates, ability to use source and target objects transformation and loading.

Post-Merger Integration success requires a lot from the Business & IT departments but having a partner like Aptimized helps in driving key components like Data or Process. The right level of expertise during project discovery straight through to Hypercare can make the difference in the success of the project. Contact us today to get started.

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