Refining Asset Management for Financial Efficiency

Refining Asset Management for Financial Efficiency

Clients who successfully execute Asset Management see a 30% cost savings typically in the first year per a research conducted by Gartner. These savings just in one year prove the importance of having a disciplined program supported by a tool that hosts the entire asset life cycle and focuses on financial, contractual, and physical data. It’s way more than simply knowing the location of an asset or maintenance of an asset register. 

It’s important to first understand the benefits of Asset Management_

  • An intelligent asset management tool gives you complete visibility from specification and design until shutdown and disposal. 

  • Gaining a collaborative network with a global registry of equipment that uses common definitions and shares data between multiple business partners (operators, service providers, manufacturers etc) is key to agility and transparency. 

  • Real time visibility into asset performance, accurate reporting and analytics, all aid to decreased disruptions in production operations.

  • Predictive asset insights use machine-learning to detect anomalies and predict asset failure.

  • Maintenance planning with structured tasks lead to significantly decreased downtimes and enhanced profitability.

Equipping your team with the best tools and information available is key to the longevity of your company’s most valuable resources. For those that have taken public transportation, there is nothing more frustrating than arriving at the platform only to see the next train is delayed due to maintenance or infrastructure issues. It affects your commute while hurting these companies' bottom lines due to unplanned asset downtime. Asset management improves operational efficiency not only by reducing downtime, but by also empowering the technicians to react quicker. The technician can quickly view parts, availability, and standard tasks as well as provide tracking and updates, while reporting back in real-time. 

Every business is unique but what is important is for companies to make an effective start to optimize asset availability and gain insights that can allow them to predict and manage issues before they arise. Asset management keeps you on track and moving forward.

Aptimized can assist you in implementing appropriate asset management tools according to your needs.

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