Software Sales Teams: Digital Marketplaces are Critical to your SaaS & IaaS Growth Strategy

Software Sales Teams: Digital Marketplaces are Critical to your SaaS & IaaS Growth Strategy

Are you a software as a service company looking to reach a wider audience to sell your product? Would you like to expand your consumer base to sell more of your software? No matter your answer to either of these questions, there is always room for new sales, and a lot of it comes down to optimizing your ecommerce model to cater to the needs of the public. This is why having state-of-the art solutions to third-party transactions are imperative to exposing your services to as many potential clients as possible. Unfortunately, many SaaS and IaaS companies miss out on new customer sales due to their outdated service models, and can definitely use some help from ecommerce platform companies like AppDirect.

AppDirect is an online marketplace that has been licensed by companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Comcast, and Swisscom. It is a versatile selling platform that can be used by a variety of technology vendors, whether it’s provisioned for IT development companies or for telecommunications companies, products like AppDirect can be used for various purposes such as launching an app store, managing an online, low touch reseller program, selling bundled services, and more.

It is crucial that SaaS or IaaS vendors have developer ecosystems for both competitive and financial advantages. However, many vendors lack models that are adequate for third-party sales and commerce. Fortunately, products like AppDirect can be used to help develop such an ecosystem; adequate for third-party commerce and to gain advantages listed above. For SaaS vendors, AppDirect accredits themselves to being the only platform to provide all the necessary tools for SaaS vendors to “launch and support software ecosystems,” which also includes “third-party billing, management, and provisioning of software ecosystems.”

Their platform also acts as an interface between different, old and new technologies and provides an easy and cost-effective transition between different models, so you don’t have to worry about a difficult replacement between different technologies.

Despite the many challenges that arise with reselling SaaS and IaaS services, as a certified AppDirect partner, Aptimized can help companies navigate their way through the implementation of an AppDirect marketplace. If reaching out to new customers is your goal, then contact us to learn more about how an AppDirect implementation can help you win new business.

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