The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

A record-breaking number of 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in March 2022. Employers are scrambling to fill these vacancies and keep up with the work processes required to keep companies moving forward or simply operate at the same pace. 

What Is Influencing the Great Resignation?

Overworked employees are empowered to look elsewhere to improve quality of life, be excited, and do something that they love. The accountant who is working hours upon hours to close the books because the company’s current system is not working for them has a real opportunity to go into a company who is investing into digital transformations or, better yet, has already invested and is focused on growth. 

Those companies who have not done so yet are feeling the growing pain of retaining these employees who are tired of going an extra mile to achieve the same results that can take minutes for another organization. Strategic digital transformations pay off in not just automating processes and enabling efficiency, but also improving quality of life and workflow for company employees. The question is, how mature is your organization?

Five Components of Digital Maturity

Assessing your digital maturity is broken out into 5 main components:

  • Customer – What’s the customer view and experience of channels being used?

  • Strategy How is the company gaining competitive advantages via digital initiatives?

  • Technology What actionable insights are gained through your technology?

  • Operations – How is technology driving process-efficiency and effectiveness to improve the business?

  • Organization and Culture – How is technology driving innovation and growth?

Once your maturity and gaps are defined, planning out the strategy, changes, and platforms will drive talent back into your company. MIT Sloan Management Review published that 71% of digitally mature companies say that they are able to attract new talent based on their use of innovative technology. 

Why Is a Digital Transformation So Important?

In this time that is deemed as the Great Resignation, having the edge to attract talent is critical. Robust digital transformations with valuable results incentivize skilled applicants to apply to your business because they cannot find that value elsewhere. Current employees improve their time management, resourcefulness, and workflow with automated processes that make their work lives easier.

Partnering with Aptimized ensures that your business has a low attrition rate with reformed efficiency and a robust digital transformation strategy. Our partnership uniquely ensures maintenance post-launch and we prioritize client and employee satisfaction for successful implementations. Stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape with digital transformation experts at Aptimized.

Contact Aptimized for more information on getting started with your transformation.

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