Venture Capitalist Investor Funding – Helping Young Enterprises

Venture Capitalist Investor Funding – Helping Young Enterprises

We had a very interesting week at Aptimized! As part of Entrepreneur Week, we invited several different small startups to meet with venture capital (VC) investors. The collaboration sessions were awesome, and some great opportunities are on the rise as a result! With that in mind, I am going to share some thoughts for those out there that need investor funding to kick off their amazing or creative ideas.  These pointers will help make you successful when trying to take the next step for your business concept. 

Venture Capitalist & Angel Tech Startup Funding starts with the following first steps_

  1.  Make a list of your target VCs.

    1. Be sure to ask your advisors who they think you should contact.

    2. Leverage your business network to connect you with even more of those who might be interested.  Investors are more likely to talk with you have a mutual connection.

  2. Seek out incubator accelerator programs; they are a must. So, do your homework. For example, price comparisons can help avoid unnecessary costs.

  3. Rehearse your pitch well. THE PITCH must include the following essentials_

    1. Start it with a question that addresses a need that resonates with your audience.

    2. Tell the story well that addresses the need of a clearly defined target market.

    3. Make it personal. Personal stories that instantly answer the question “why?” This must clearly show why you care about this proposal and why you are the best qualified deliver the fix.

Final Thoughts

Time is important when it comes to start ups. If you are filling a void in the market, it is only a matter of time before someone else goes for it. Entrepreneurs who take the initiative to be thorough, focused, and resilient can win the “lion’s share” if they execute properly. Funding (and the right investor) can be the catalyst that makes all the difference, but you must earn it.

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