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When you hear “Excel,” you might start thinking of static reports, manual updates, and the dreaded words, “month-end close.” The reality is that most people are unfamiliar with how dynamic Excel can be for financial reporting. It can be integrated to your main data source and you save money – lots of it! At Aptimized, we work on saving you additional costs wherever possible in order for you to make more money without compromising the quality of our services.

We recently had a client who used QuickBooks Desktop. It’s a light and effective financial tool that allows businesses to maintain their financials. While great for individual businesses, QuickBooks is limited by its ability to provide reporting for multiple entities within a company for bigger organizations that manage more than one location or “Company File.”

Read more about effectively maneuvering QuickBooks’ limitations in our blog, “Making the Most of QuickBooks Desktop.

So, how did we help?

Simple; QuickBooks provides an API to allow custom applications to interface with QuickBooks. By using this API, a custom application can run QuickBooks as a background process, running reports and pulling data directly from the application. The data was consolidated and then interfaced with Microsoft Excel. As a result, users were able to get all the reports built out in one place: Excel. Unbeknownst  to the users, there were over a hundred files of different locations being consolidated and reported on in the background. What they did know was:

Users could select date ranges

Users could run different reports

Users could filter down to specific locations and other key dimensions

Users were already familiar with Excel so they skipped extensive training

Users could collaborate with each other by leaving comments (and had more collaboratory features available depending on the version)

Users could drill down to the details, all in this one place

Not every organization can develop an application to pull data from key systems. At Aptimized, we have developed a solution that can pull updated data from a managed environment, store that data securely and locally, and then generate reports from that data. This is not limited to QuickBooks!

Beyond QuickBooks

The reality is that we have done this even from more robust financial programs such as NetSuite, SAP, etc. It’s a cost effective solution with unmatched report output flexibility. Our solution pulls from your environment to store and present your financial data.

By using Microsoft Office applications, we allow organizations to leverage their existing licenses, which provides significantly more freedom as compared to other tools.

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