Data analytics is the single biggest factor in a modern business’s success. Drawing data from an online presence and using it to inform decisions can help better satisfy customers and increase business profits. Google provides a way for your business to do just that in a feasible manner. Aptimized can help implementing the easy solutions for you to run a successful and modernized organization.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful, easy-to-use service which allows a business to gather and review information about their online presence and customer experience. Google analytics is compatible with many CMSs and website-builder platforms. Using Google Analytics, you will be provided with accurate information that is live which can help inform better business decisions.

Aptimized offers to help set up Google Analytics for your online environment. This requires close cooperation with your business and knowledge of how your online presence is organized. 

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User Information

One of the main types of data collected by Google Analytics is information on how the user interacts with a website, such as how many times a page is visited, or how many times a transaction is made.  This information is collected into one central hub where it can be analyzed and where decisions can be made. Decisions based on user information can help:

Improve a customer’s online experience

Minimize unnecessary aspects of a website

Discover what a business should be prioritizing 

Inform other crucial aspects of a business


Using any analytical tool, it is vital to set up goals which can guide and monitor progress. While we will work with you to define these goals, knowing exactly what you want to achieve is important for any operation. Are you looking to increase customer flow? Improve SEO? Reduce downtime? These goals need to be based on specific business needs and focused enough to be easily quantified. 

Your E-commerce goals need to be centered around a strong SEO strategy with a solid foundation. Find out about The Biggest Threats in the SEO Industry for 2021 in our blog and discover even more Aptimized Insights that will guide your business practices.

Our Process

Because Google Analytics is integrated with many Google products, such as AdSense and Google Sites, it is a straightforward process to collect data from these sources. When working with websites hosted from other CMSs, such as Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, some modification to these websites is required. We will then work to configure the Analytics workspace and work on more difficult connections, such as E-Commerce data. The time this process takes is largely based on the size of the online presence.

Whether you want to optimize the search engine results for your business or are assessing analytics, Aptimized will make sure that you are able to utilize the most cutting edge tools to implement modern technology solutions for your business to evolve.