Security isn’t just maintaining a tamper-proof and resilient system, it is also a multi-faceted approach that includes reliability and backup services. Using Google’s storage infrastructure can ensure cost-effective, resilient, and readily accessible backup and recovery services.

Secure & Flexible Cloud Environment


Any backup solution requires extensive thought and planning put into its security. Our team of professionals will implement security best-practices such as a zero-trust approach and policy of least privilege. Aptimized, working with the secure infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform, will ensure that sensitive company data remains secure during both backup, storage, and recovery processes. All of Google’s data storage is automatically encrypted both in transit and statically. Google offers users the opportunity to manage their own encryption, ensuring the security of keys and important data.

Automated Backups

All of Google Cloud’s services have the ability to automatically backup on a scheduled basis. Backups are made on an instance basis, so rollbacks can be both targeted and general. Manage your projects with a discipline timeline of automatic backups. Aptimized is a certified Google Cloud Partner, and we will ensure a safe and accurate migration of your data into a secure cloud environment.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Google Cloud offers coldline storage buckets, a storage solution specifically designed and optimized for backup solutions. Using this service has higher retrieval costs than a regional storage solutions, but storage costs are incredibly cheap. As with all Google Cloud storage options, all data is automatically encrypted both in transit and at rest. Google’s coldline storage option includes optional object versioning. Leveraging this service, a backup of all previous states can be automatically saved when a new backup is created. You won’t have to worry about losing valuable data at any stage.


The Google Cloud Platform offers unparalleled reliability to its customers. Its network offers worldwide access to information from virtually any region, and it offers redundancy which enables a company to quickly respond in the case of an outage.

Run a secure organization with your data protected.