Cloud infrastructure is undoubtedly the future of virtual business. Though migrating services to the Google Cloud Platform is a large task, there exists a variety of methodologies and processes which can be used to fit any existing business environment. At Aptimized, we like to stay ahead of the curve so that our clients are never offline. As a certified Google Cloud Platform partner, Aptimized will make sure that the process of migrating to the Cloud is as painless and accurate as it can be. Working closely with your business, Aptimized will develop a strategy to migrate your infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform, based on your legacy technology and business needs. We will ensure that the final product delivered meets all requirements, including speed, affordability, ease of use, and ease of maintenance.

Google Cloud Platform Services

The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud environment offering many services, including Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Data Storage, SQL Engine, and Cloud Big Query. It enables companies to move their business infrastructure completely to the Cloud, a global virtual environment which can replace in-house or other costly hosting solutions. Migrating to the Google Cloud Platform often increases reliability, improves security, accelerates speed, and reduces overhead. 

Read our blog “Administrating Google Cloud Platform Services,” which details why Aptimized encourages the move to a cloud environment for the best protection and consolidation of your data.

  • Tactical

    “Lift and Shift” Approach

    Workloads moved to the Cloud with as little modification as possible

    Ideal when pre-existing infrastructure is difficult or impossible to modify

    Relatively quick and inexpensive

    Will not leverage most capabilities of the Google Cloud Environment

  • Strategic

    “Move and Improve” Approach

    Modifications of current workloads to take full advantage of Google Cloud features

    Provides a better result than a tactical approach

    Necessary when an app is not currently supported on the Cloud Environment

  • Visionary

    “Rip and Replace” Approach

    Decommissions many of the pre-existing applications and rebuild them natively for the Cloud

    Fully utilizes all Google Cloud Platform services

    Largest changes to current IT landscape

    Large time investment and increased costs

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The first step of any migration process is an assessment of the current landscape. Our team will evaluate your current workspace and take detailed inventory of all applications and their intercommunication. During this phase, we will ensure that the Google Cloud Platform can fit all of your business needs.


After a catalogue of all business services is created, our team will work to create a detailed plan of how and when each service will be migrated. During this process, we will work to minimize downtime as well as conflicts between the cloud and in-house services. In this phase, Cloud IAM roles will be created, and a basic network topology will be defined.


Through implementing an automated artifact production and deployment process, namely a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, the entire Cloud environment will be manifested automatically. This ensures that the entire deployment process is smooth and secure, and therefore minimizes the time needed to complete the migration.


In this phase, we will begin to take full advantage of what the Google Cloud Platform has to offer. Cloud-exclusive features such as AI and Machine Learning can begin to be integrated into the new infrastructure.


Security is even more vital for cloud operations due to their global nature. Therefore, It is our top priority in any migration. We will work to implement multi-layer redundant security into the cloud system and will ensure maximum reliability of every application layer. Aptimized guarantees you optimal security and protection against potential threats.

Why Aptimized?

Our team always acts without delay, responds to unforeseen changes, and copes with disruptions such as sudden shifts in regulations. We want to make sure that the migration process is as efficient, feasible, and successful as possible.

As a Google Cloud Platform partner, the Aptimized team knows the inner workings of the environment and will expertly deliver your business the results you need.