Aptimized played a pivotal role in a Multi-Merger Scenario for a global ITSM and Technology Operations software company with over 3,100 employees, 40k+ Customers, 4k+ Partners, and over 40 Million Managed Devices. Supporting their goal of rapid expansion through strategic mergers and acquisitions, Aptimized served as the driving force behind their M&A initiatives.


The prominent challenge was to seamlessly integrate several newly acquired entities into the existing structure while maintaining operational efficiency and minimizing disruptions. Extensive experience was required for the management and execution of this complex integration project.


With 6 successful M&A Implementations, we have developed company specific standards for continued acquisition.

Aptimized aligned our implementation process with the existing business pipeline and established the people, processes, and technology needed to support the business objectives. Our team leveraged the use of many industry leading solutions like Salesforce.com, Informatica, Snowflake, and more.

We focused on leading their business to recognized revenue quickly and enabling an optimal acquisition speed and frequency.


The meticulous execution of this implementation resulted in a cost savings of over 17 Million in total operating expenses. As a result of our rapid onboarding process, this company was able to maintain uninterrupted business operations and sustained revenue generation. We are committed to providing ongoing M&A support as additional business acquisition opportunities continue to develop.

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