Using Aptimized expertise, our customers can integrate ServiceNow with existing platforms and IT tools to optimize the operational processes for Level 1 and Level 2 support teams to interact with the business. Customers can implement a CMDB and associated governance to support in-scope ITSM processes.

To accomplish the above, Aptimized adapts an agile project delivery methodology with three releases, as depicted in the section below. Each release is intended to deliver value incrementally, aligning with the scope of items to be delivered within each phase. These scenarios are often in the order of value to our customers.

  • Integrations

    Integrated Experience

    User Experience

    Improve developers & consumers experience by integrating multiple platforms

    Business Outcomes

    Reduce administrative costs (Automatic ticket updates between platforms)

    Increase efficiency among support teams (no manual hand-off between systems)

    Data integration - complete end-to-end from support to customer service

    Enable foundation for automating DevOps pipeline

  • CMDB

    Service-Driven Organization

    User Experience
    Increase operational visibility

    Mitigate risk by notifying users of service availability

    Business Outcomes

    Automated discover

    Business impact assessment

    Process automation

    Validate ROI ($ spent ) by taking inventory of what you've purchased versus what you are using

    Real time dashboards - measure performance and KPIs

    Tool rationalization

  • ITAM

    Cost-Effective Organization

    User Experience
    Reduce operational cost by automating and managing Hardware and Software assets in a single solution

    Install a standard practice for software provisioning across the organization

    Business Outcomes
    Cost avoidance from non-compliance

    Identify further $ savings by consolidating discovery tools

    Get software entitlement position in real-time using ServiceNow Discovery

    Control Software licensing over-spending and Hardware spending (TCO)

    Enforce Software harvesting

    Use data for better vendor negotiations

Aptimized can help improve the existing Service Operations and in-scope Service Management processes by leveraging integrations with existing platforms/tools, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and all the attributes governed within the CMDB. These attributes will further the automation goal of the client to reduce operational costs and improve service delivery and availability.

High-level business objectives within the Advanced ITSM transformation: 

  • Assess the current state of the configuration management process and CMDB to improve operational processes, such as identifying change impacts on business services.
  • Develop current state observations, a target desired state, and elaborate common CMDB design principles.
  • Enhance the current configuration management process by improving current policy, process, and reconciliation procedures and establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities for managing the CMDB.
  • Define and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and associated critical success factors (CSFs). This will allow the team to effectively measure, report and improve the configuration management process and CMDB performance by enabling data Certification and auditing in ServiceNow.
  • Develop a CMDB framework comprising the conceptual CMDB data model, integrations, and data sources.
  • Leverage the CMDB enhancements to drive Service Management optimization for Incident and Change management processes to reduce operational costs and aid in business service impact analysis.
  • Instill an ITAM program, with associated controls and governance to ensure that IT has reasonable control over Hardware and Software costs