Fostering a remote workforce has become an essential aspect of any business’s IT landscape. As opportunities that allow work-from-home abilities increase, every organization needs to accommodate remote workforce capabilities. Not just for accessibility needs, remote opportunities enable businesses to find talent beyond physical boundaries. Aptimized works with Google as a certified partner to provide a flexible and reliable solution.

Remote Workspace

Global Reach

Google’s networks have global reach, allowing for communication between every geographic location of business. Their many endpoints allow for fast and reliable connections.

Google Workspace

Recently, Google rolled out a new integration of many of their services, including Gmail and Drive, called Google Workspace. This constantly updated experience allows for employees to connect to everything they need in one location. Leveraging this technology, we can provide a cohesive and efficient remote workforce solution.

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Familiar Interface

Because of Google’s widespread influence on the web, most people are already familiar with how Google services are laid out. This reduces training time and ensures that employees can utilize these new services as quickly as possible. Despite needing some training and adjustment like all new services, Google Workspace’s familiar interface will minimize these requirements.