As part of the pre-work, our team will begin by engaging in the Strategic Implementation Assessment. We use the people, process, governance, and technology framework to focus on aspects of readiness that are critical to an implementation. We apply a holistic enterprise architecture approach to explore and understand your strategic vision and connect it with functional needs and expectations. We understand that data is a key driver for operational efficiency, enabling analytics, and a critical component of consumer experience.

Strategic Implementation Assessment

Evaluate readiness for system changes from a holistic perspective.

Recommend actions to mitigate key issues early.

Prepare leadership, decision-makers, and key stakeholders for implementation.

Reduce implementation risk.

Align vision and direction with strategic goals, objectives, and outcomes.

Transition from product selection to design and execution.

Leadership Alignment

  • Strategy Map
  • Project Governance Model
  • Outcomes & Goals

Strategic Readiness

  • Data Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integration Architecture

Experience Design

  • Service Delivery Model
  • Process Optimization
  • Digital Transformation