Actifio: Google’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Actifio: Google’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Actifio, a data management solution founded in 2009 and acquired by Google in 2020, represents the latest in automated cloud backup and disaster recovery. As a Google Cloud Service, Actifio GO easily integrates with existing cloud and hybrid environments, leveraging cloud-unique options to minimize overhead. Actifio ensures that data isn’t duplicated, makes backup recovery simple, and reduces the total overall size of backups. 

Actifio solves many of the challenges of traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions. It is controlled from one single interface, unifying all backup scheduling and recovery policies. Its system works across Google Cloud and hybrid workloads, minimizing the complexity of a network. Actifio is designed to work with many enterprise products, such as VMWare, SAP HANA, and Oracle. 

Using Actifio in Google Cloud environments is incredibly easy. It can be found on the Google Cloud Marketplace, so billing is unified with all other Google Cloud services. Utilizing an online portal, it is intuitive and quick to set up required Actifio services. Actifio stores archived data through two different services_ StreamSnap and OnVault. StreamSnap offers near-instant RTOs and quick backup times. OnVault is Actifio’s long-term archive solution, storing data in either nearline or coldline storage to minimize TCO. 

Actifio, being a fully managed software-as-a-service solution, offers easy-to-configure automated data backup. Actifio’s disaster recovery is near instant as it stores data in persistent disks, which limits data transfer speeds only by the speed of the disk. For long-term storage, Actifio connects with nearline and coldline storage for inexpensive and resilient data security

To reduce storage costs even more, Actifio records the changes made to an instance every backup cycle, rather than having duplicate information stored across many backups. Data stored always has a virtual full backup of the latest version, so recovery does not need to wait on lengthy algorithms to retrieve information. And, unlike legacy disaster recovery solutions, Actifio is able to directly front this virtual disk to a server, making the amount of data stored irrelevant to recovery times. 

As the cloud environment continues to grow, it is vital for services to mature along with it. Actifio provides integrated backup and recovery services to protect against natural disaster, human error, and ransomware, ensuring dedicated security for the environment.

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