Aptimized offers a platform that can help you perform penetration testing on your network and systems, both internally and externally. Penetration testing is a way of simulating a cyberattack on your own infrastructure, to find and fix any vulnerabilities before they are exploited by real attackers. Aptimized uses the latest AI in penetration testing to find complex attack paths that may not be detected by other tools. Aptimized can also provide you with detailed guidance on how to remediate the weaknesses it finds and verify that your fixes are effective. Aptimized’s penetration testing tool has several advantages over other penetration testing tools.

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Run safely in production, without causing any damage or disruption to your systems.

Test both internal and external attack surface and identify the most critical risks that could compromise your data or systems.

Improve the capacity and skills of your security and IT team members, by providing them with clear visibility into proven attack paths, proof of exploit, impact analysis, and remediation guidance.