Blockchain in the Mainstream

Blockchain in the Mainstream

In business, ten years feels like yesterday, while in IT, ten years measures up to an eternity of transformations, modernizations, and advancements to everyday technology. Ten years ago, no one was discussing blockchain technology with the urgency we see today.

Back then, it was just some novel idea being utilized for a little-known internet currency called Bitcoin. Fast forwarding to today, blockchain has grown to be a multi-billion-dollar industry, revolutionizing the internet and the very ways we do business.  How has blockchain gotten so big? Why is its growth only accelerating?

The decentralized blockchain as we know it was created in 2008, with the ideas of transparency, security, and mass collaboration in mind. For years, it was relegated to Cryptocurrency, a relatively niche financial investment. Recently, blockchain technology has expanded into many other industries, such as supply chain management, healthcare, and cybersecurity.

Blockchain’s growth in these sectors is due to its intrinsic properties. Because blockchain facilitates transparency, it allows for records of a supply chain to be unchangeable, eliminating many chances for fraud. Mass collaboration is vital in the healthcare industry, especially now as it becomes more difficult for providers to share the increasing amount of necessary health records a patient may need. Blockchain’s application to cybersecurity is self-evident; it provides an unparalleled ability to manage and protect sensitive information.

Blockchain’s success coincides with a massive shift in the relationship between a business and its customers. Consumers are increasingly demanding for more transparent business processes and higher levels of security for their data. Blockchain perfectly addresses the former need, and actually allows for a system where customers manage their own data. Using blockchain, many businesses are already meeting these customer needs, and are providing fast, transparent, and secure services which were unimaginable just a decade ago. 

There are hundreds of different reasons for the rapid adoption of this relatively new technology. Blockchain provides many solutions important for the inflection point within the IT space. Many businesses have recognized the utility of blockchain in changing old and creating new innovative products, ultimately achieving the degree of flexibility needed in today’s technology sphere. 

While relatively new, deciding the approach to incorporating blockchain technology is critical in staying on top of digital trends and making sure that you are offering the most cutting-edge technology to your customers. Begin this journey with Aptimized.

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