Google Workspace for Education As a Modern Technology Solution

Google Workspace for Education As a Modern Technology Solution

Today most of us have heard of the benefits of Google Workspace for Education. It is a suite of tools for email, storage, and collaboration. The best part is that the fundamental licensing is $Free for most educational organizations! 170 million students and educators use Google Workspace every day, transforming the way students learn and educators teach. 

One of the most common questions we receive as integrators_ is Google Workspace secure? The simple answer is yes. The data is strategically stored in data centers across the world, it provides SSO (Single Sign On) across many of their apps, strong compliance, no ads, and data transparency. This means that schools own their data and Google secures that data. 

Google Workspace for Education is simple to deploy and manage. No more spending hours setting up a new student or colleague. No more costly Mac/PC refreshes or purchasing imaging software. With a few clicks, you can set up policies and a Chromebook for any individual, giving the person access to all the features your Google Workspace environment has to offer! 

The best part of Google Workspace for Education is the collaboration between the educators and the students. Collaborating in real time using Docs or Sheets, sharing lesson plans with guardians and coworkers, being able to communicate with the administration and/or guardians using Google Meet, engaging with students individually within the classroom to make sure assignments are being completed correctly, and being able to tailor learning environments to each student’s needs are powerful features of of Google Workspace. It is instrumental in understanding that all students don’t learn the same way. 

There are four different levels of licensing for Google Workspace_ Fundamentals, Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus. Each of these levels have unique options to enhance the learning process and engage both teachers and students to learn collaboratively.   

Contact Aptimized today to schedule a workshop to discuss your licensing options. We can help you with combining Google Workspace with Chromebooks and get you on a cost effective, easy-to-manage solution with more capabilities than you have today. No imaging software is needed and you can easily get rid of costly refreshes. We specialize in delivering Google Services, such as migrating to the Google Cloud.

Have Aptimized experts and professionals utilize Google Workspace for the needs of your environment!

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