HubSpot for Business Growth: The Features Your Business Needs

HubSpot for Business Growth: The Features Your Business Needs

It seems like everywhere you look, a new software tool is claiming to increase sales, generate leads, and make profits fall from the sky. The tech stacks for businesses are on an upward trend, requiring organizations to continuously invest more in tools and solutions. In fact, “The average growth rate for annualized spend on SaaS by company size is 58 percent,” according to Vendr research. At Aptimized, we believe that when it comes to business growth, businesses typically don't need more; they usually need the software that is right for their specific use case. This is why we are a proponent of Hubspot, a robust CRM platform that connects marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. 

We’ve compiled a list of the features we love about Hubspot’s CRM and how to utilize them for business growth. 

Hubspot designs its features and tools to reflect the flywheel model, which breaks the buyer stage into three main phases. 




In the attract phase, the goal is to catch the attention of your target audience. 


Hubspot helps businesses create impactful ads that can be tracked, optimized, and distributed effectively. You can quickly manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ad campaigns all in one place. This will help you to understand the correlation between total ad spend and company revenue, gain insights on lead interactions, and its impact on omnichannel marketing efforts. 

Blogging tools 

With the advanced blogging tools available, blogs become a source of generating MQLs. You’ll gain access to analytics, details, and suggestions to improve your blog’s effectiveness. The unique blogging software with Hubspot is designed to drive more traffic to your blog and publish content that will convert readers into customers. 

Social Media 

Effective social media marketing requires thoughtful content creation. Hubspot has a wide array of tools designed to support and enhance the process of content creation. The social media software within Hubspot connects you with the right people, so you can allocate more time nurturing relationships and less time aimlessly searching social platforms. 


In the engage phase, the goal is to keep your potential clients engaged in your company, its products, and its people. 

Lead organization 

Hubspot makes client management effective and easy to use. The CRM seamlessly logs relevant data, client details, and information that can be used to create more personalized lead interactions.  

Email Marketing 

With Hubspot successfully integrated, email marketing becomes more effective. Whether your goal is brand awareness, product marketing, or thought leadership, Hubspot has unique customization tools to increase effectiveness. 

Conversation Bots 

Do you notice your customers frequently asking the same questions? Hubspot’s integrated chatbot makes it easy to provide customers with the answers they need and quickly get connected with the right person to help answer their questions if necessary. This also allows you to link visitors to custom landing pages, useful resources, or even suggested products. 


In the delight phase, the goal is to meet and succeed customer expectations. 

Marketing Automation 

The benefit of Hubspot’s CRM is that it grows with your business. Scaling your business while maintaining a level of personalization can only be achieved by applying a bit of automation. With this software, you can automate routine tasks and create unique workflows and bot builders designed to keep your customers engaged. This lets you provide your customers with the right information at the right time. 

Hubspot Conversations 

Hubspot Conversations can be used in conjunction with marketing automation to ensure you are providing the most valuable information to your ideal customers. The conversation inbox can be used to create authentic, contextual interactions with both potential and existing customers. You can also use this feature to share engaging content to prospects in a variety of formats, including video. 

These features are just a fraction of the innovative tools and integrations available within Hubspot. This is why we believe this CRM is an excellent choice for so many businesses looking to grow. With different pricing options, Hub specializations, and tools available at your fingertips, Hubspot can create a competitive edge for your business. Contact us today to find out how you can use Hubspot to optimize your current business processes. 

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