Hyperautomation With Google Cloud

Hyperautomation With Google Cloud

Hyperautomation – completely handing off business processes to software – is finally here. Hyperautomation promises more than boosting productivity, it also empowers everyone in the workforce and fundamentally shifts how business is run. With robotic processes automation (RPA) integrated with API and AI services and codeless apps, the Google Cloud platform leads the way in hyperautomation. 

Hyperautomation isn’t just the creation of large, automated workflows. It utilizes AI/ML to intelligently make decisions, automatically ingest unstructured data, and intelligently respond directly to humans. Hyperautomation also works to bring everybody into automating business management. No-code apps allow for stakeholders to autonomously build and share apps that suit their needs. While other cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure, allow for hyperautomation, Google’s platform, due to its data driven nature, is designed around it. 

Google has recently announced collaboration with Automation Anywhere, the leading cloud RPA service. With RPA, common and repetitive tasks such as online order processing and transferring data between applications can be handled automatically by software. Automation Anywhere allows users to pull from hundreds of pre-built bots and combine their processes to suit their specific business needs. Where Automation Anywhere RPA stands out is its integration of ML technology, with IQ Bots designed to intelligently compare, extract, and organize all types of data. In addition, real time monitoring and reporting is offered, allowing users to make instant insight into the state of their automation.

Automation Anywhere is already integrated with select Google Cloud services, such as Apigee, Appsheet, and AI Platform, which also augment hyperautomation individually. Apigee, Google Cloud’s API platform, allows Automation Anywhere to communicate with critical back-end infrastructure. Automation Anywhere can easily view and interact with data from Appsheet, allowing for the simple creation of codeless apps tied to automation. And, connecting with AI Platform gives this RPA a wide breadth of complex behavior that can be put towards automating many business processes.  

Though a cloud-native product, Automation Anywhere is able to service hybrid architectures and can even run on on-premises systems. RPA technology automates many repetitive but critical business processes, making it a vital tool for hyperautomation.

Google’s partnership with Automation Anywhere will make launching your business into the future with hyperautomation a painless and non-destructive process.

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