Modernizing Infrastructure With Informatica

Modernizing Infrastructure With Informatica

Technological infrastructure has catapulted from the days of mainframe computing to its modern, decentralized state in the cloud. Within the past few decades, organizations have adopted cloud computing to consume services, store data, and build/deploy applications. Moreover, recent developments in cloud computing permit organizations to run large ERP and Data Management Systems in the cloud. Organizations benefit from this trend as it shifts the time and money required to maintain these large systems from the organization to IT vendors/service management groups. In addition, this model prepares organizations for the next era of computation and technology.

Decentralization, where no individual machine is the sole authority in a network, characterizes cloud computing and sets the stage for the next generation of analytics and IoT technologies. To utilize these advanced tools and services, organizations need to keep up with their infrastructure, but they typically face a challenge to migrate on-prem systems and data. The large volume of poor or duplicated data that plagues many business systems and processes further convolutes the already complicated migration process. In response, vendors continue to actively develop solutions that can overcome these challenges.

Organizations can leverage Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) as PaaS to accelerate productivity and speed to scale. Platforms such as IICS simplify all faces of modernization by facilitating application and data migrations, and by empowering organizations to manage data throughout the entire data lifecycle. IICS’s microservice-based architecture is flexible enough to fit anywhere within existing infrastructure, whether utilized as a data migration tool or an entire modernization solution.

Data projects of any size should incorporate data cataloging to profile data assets across existing infrastructure and identify where data exists, which data is duplicated or bad, and its purpose for consumption. Organizations can utilize IICS to not only organize and modernize data assets or infrastructure, but also for data management throughout the data lifecycle. This involves the delivery of data quality, governance, security, and Master Data Management (MDM) services. Implementing these services is only a small part of incorporating them into existing business processes, so managing a data project correctly is critical in developing a data-driven, successful, and modernized culture.

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Aptimized prides itself on its Informatica Partnership and experience implementing technological solutions across a wide range of industries and infrastructure. Our leadership team has over 100 years of experience in executive level roles. Whether the need is to modernize systems and business processes, or optimize data flow and data management through existing infrastructure, our consultants are equipped to run complex data projects of any nature.

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