Refocus Your Talent on Driving Your Business Forward Through Human Experience Management.

Refocus Your Talent on Driving Your Business Forward Through Human Experience Management.

Shortly before the pandemic, SAP introduced the Human Experience Management (HXM) solution. HXM, the next evolution of SAP’s human capital management (HCM), is focusing on reinventing the employee experience that drives better business results.

This SAP transformation emerged because traditional HCM systems were not built with an employee’s needs and motivations in mind. They were built to support HR departments delivered processes and programs to capture data and process transactions. Many customers found SuccessFactors HCM to be a high-functioning platform with numerous capabilities but also appeared to be an un-integrated product. This resulted in lots of different user interfaces and different employee experiences across the modules.

SAP has now invested heavily in HXM. Positive people and work experiences are now at the forefront that not only results in greater satisfaction and lower turnover, but stronger business results. The re-engineering of SuccessFactors HXM is designed for the way people work.

SuccessFactors HXM is now fully chatbot enabled, much more integrated (ex. Qualtrics integration for experience data) and built into the new SAP Intelligent Enterprise. In addition, glimpses of the new whole user experience also focus on one’s own wellbeing, culture, engagement, career. In addition, a new Learning – LXP has been established to help talent development.

The goal of HXM is to make your talent successful and ensure non-value-add steps be automated.

As a result, individuals are more productive and engaged, teams operate at peak performance, and organizations can achieve their goals.

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