Rubrik Cloud Data Management for Government

Rubrik Cloud Data Management for Government

In the digital age, securing data has become of vital importance. Federal, State, and Local government agencies utilize a variety of tools to ensure secure and compliant backup and recovery options. Chief among these is Rubrik Cloud Data Management. Rubrik provides data management support for a broad selection of government cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure GovCloud and AWS GovCloud, and its API-based architecture enables it to play well with third party services. 

Rubrik is a data backup solution, focusing on quick and secure data backups. All data is stored on FIPS 140-2 Level 2 drives and is automatically encrypted both in transit and at rest. Rubrik’s data management follows an absolute zero trust policy; all backup data is append-only and is immutable once recorded, ensuring that no actor, external or internal, can tamper with backups. Rubrik also implements multi-factor user authentication, maintaining security at every level.

One of Rubrik’s most notable use cases is near instant ransomware recovery, ensuring that RTO requirements are met. While Rubrik is not involved in the prevention of a ransomware attack, it engages in mitigation and recovery efforts. Because all backups are immutable and can only be accessed by Rubrik, it is nearly impossible for an attack to encrypt or delete them. With rising ransomware attacks and imminent threats to organizations with sensitive data, relying on a trustworthy and capable recovery option is necessary.

Rubrik also helps to identify which files and systems require rollback. Polaris Radar, a Rubrik subsystem, uses a neural net to identify potential attacks and affected files. Essentially, it monitors rapid file changes, rapid changes in size, and changes in file entropy, among other things, to determine whether the file is possibly compromised. This allows operators to identify exactly which files can remain, saving data wherever it can be saved. Radar also simplifies rollback, as many files and systems can be rolled back with the click of a button.

Automation is another key feature of Rubrik. Backup, replication, and archive process schedules can be set up in a matter of minutes and can be intelligently customized to fit the exact need of the system. Rubrik’s API framework allows it to integrate with other vital services, offering unparalleled automation with other systems. 

Overall, Rubrik is the best Data Management Solution for government agencies wishing to move away from slow, insecure legacy software. Rubik has proven its reliability through many government certifications including DHS CDM APL and DoDIN APL, and is trusted by many government agencies including the Department of Defense and countless cities across the nation. 

As a Rubrik partner, Aptimized can help implement a solution for you to move away from legacy systems and forward with modern technology. Make your organization adaptable to stay ahead. Contact us today to learn more about why Rubrik can be the answer for you.

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