SAP's latest AI Integrations

SAP's latest AI Integrations

Some are afraid, some are resistant, but AI is definitely here to stay. SAP has responded to this trend by creating new capabilities. As a leader in the business-centric software industry, SAP is utilizing AI based software to drive innovation, enhance user experiences, and improve business outcomes. 

Here are some of the avenues SAP has taken:

Enhancing Intelligent Automation - SAP Leonardo

SAP actively integrates artificial intelligence through machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation to consolidate many existing practices in the business world. These processes help automate otherwise repetitive tasks to minimize errors and maximize efficiency. Leonardo effectively combines AI, loT, blockchain, and analytics to drive innovation in the SAP space. More specifically, Leonardo uses AI to enable intelligent technologies. Its AI powers intelligent investment/asset management, predictive maintenance, demand-driven planning making it easy for companies to enhance user experience.
     Enabling Predictive Analysis - SAP Fieldglass
    SAP’s cloud and artificial intelligence run platforms analyzes mass amounts of real-time data and trends the data where humans would far less likely be able to identify. Your company can now optimize customer acquisition and minimize risks. SAP Fieldglass is a cloud based vendor management system that incorporates AI to optimize contingent workforce management. It matches the right talent with the right job requirements, improving your talent acquisition. 
      Advancing Natural Language Processing - SAP Conversational AI
      SAP has recently bolstered their AI capabilities through its Natural Language Processing. By creating AI powered chat-bots, SAP run products can respond to user submitted queries conversationally. These bots can provide around the clock support. SAP Conversational AI helps businesses build their own conversational chat-bots and AI driven assistants. Using NLP to understand user queries, Conversation AI provides personalized assistance, creating an unparalleled experience for customers around the world at any time.
        Empowering Intelligent Insights - SAP Analytics Cloud
        SAP has created AI capabilities into its diverse deck of analytics platforms to extract meaningful insights from its immense array of data. SAP users can make more information thanks to SAP’s revolutionary insight collecting algorithms. SAP Analytics Cloud is a revolutionary system that allows AI to generate user insights from mass collections of data. SAC can accurately use its machine learning software to detect anomalies and make data informed decisions.
          Facilitating Intelligent Supply Chain Management- SAP Ariba
            Supply-chain management becomes increasingly more workable through its AI solutions by optimizing costs, forecasting demand, and streamlining logistical back-office operations. SAP Ariba effectively uses Ariba to optimize customer experience in its procurement processes. Using its AI, Ariba can leverage itself to provide recommendations for supplier selection, pricing, and contract negotiation.

              These are only a few of the ways in which SAP is utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance capabilities and improve customer experience. We know that the discussion around AI and business development raises a lot of questions, and we would love to discuss. You may click this link to submit your questions, start a discussion, or request a proposal from the Aptimized team. 

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