The Accelerated Way to Get GCP Certified

The Accelerated Way to Get GCP Certified

My name is Jordan De Sotle. I am 19 years old and am attending Norwich University in Vermont dual majoring in Cyber Security and Computer Science. While I understand the world of coding and network architecture, outside of school, I am very much into designing and architecting my own projects. From designing and printing my own circuit boards, to creating and building the physical aspects of my projects using 3D printing, I enjoy the entire vertical engineering process from start to finish.

I have been programming in various languages since I was in seventh grade. Recently, I started working at Aptimized. It was then that I was introduced into a whole new world of computer science_ Cloud Computing. Before working at Aptimized, I had little understanding on how Cloud Computing worked, even with years of prior programming experience. Not long after beginning work, I was guided down the path to learn Google Cloud Platform. Specifically, my goal was to get certified as a Professional Cloud Architect in under two months.

The Cloud Architect exam has 50 questions, both multiple choice and multiple select. The questions consist of different case studies and general GCP questions. You have two hours to complete it, giving you plenty of time to think and check your answers.

I began studying for the exam by signing up for the Cloud Architect Professional Certificate course path on Coursera. The course path consists of seven courses that progressively go into more detail about the various aspects of GCP. Throughout the different courses, I took notes including outside details such as images and references to topics I felt I needed to study more frequently. These notes were eventually printed out and put into binders, one for each course, helping me study for my exam.

With my newly found interest in Cloud Technology, my Google Certification, and my background in Cybersecurity and Computer Science, I plan on focusing my interests on Cloud Security. I will be able to continue working while at college and get more certifications that relate to Cyber Security.

Being Google certified is just as important for me as it is for the company I work for. In any field, having certification helps you stand out from other people without one, even if they know just as much or even more than you do. Certifications help companies narrow down on job searches for candidates based on required knowledge or experience that can come with that certification. 

A certification is just the start. Contact Aptimized to see how getting certified in the IT field can open up opportunities for you.

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