The Biggest Threats in the SEO Industry for 2021

The Biggest Threats in the SEO Industry for 2021

Everyone is kept on their toes as Google algorithms and AI are constantly changing, yet few mention or care to talk about budget cuts during the pandemic.  As Google continues to focus on overall “Health” of a site as their main ranking signal, they have also become less reactive to new and updated content, meaning that it will take longer to crawl up the ranks to be “above the fold.”

As results take longer to come to fruition, we need to be able to adapt and overcome such challenges.  What exactly does this mean?  Well, many of us need to start shifting spending patterns and reallocate budget towards SEO to gain the additional traffic that is due to the pandemic.  While many users were not spending much on travel because of restrictions, they were spending more time searching for home improvements, work from home topics, and pet-related content due to the amount of time they were hunkered down working from home.

How can you double down in 2021 and beyond you ask? Simply put, unique content.  As we all know unique content has always been king and will always be king for the foreseeable future.  When writing content that will attract users to your site, make sure it answers a question or perhaps leads the user to an answer.  If you can include a video of the solution, even better! 

Many users will not take the time to read an article but would much rather scroll through a video to resolve the situation and move on.  

Invest in creating unique content. 

Invest in video production.

Once you have a firm grip on this process continue forging ahead and implement a creative strategy to overcome your competitors.  Keep your head on a swivel and review every new algorithm that Google uses as there may be some added features that you can implement on the fly.  

If you need help implementing a plan of action, contact me on Linkedin or give us a call!

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