The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

Metaverse, digital twin, blockchain, NFTs…These terms are all over the internet and social media but  most people are just dipping their feet into what this could mean to their daily lives. Aptimized is currently working on a few different scenarios with our customers that will change the game, one of which we will highlight as a use case. 

Imagine… Most of your personal details such as your contact information and health records are out there in the real world and most of that data is out of your control (companies can buy it, ask your permission for it, etc.) Let’s suppose that the world changed overnight, where you have all of your personal information uploaded securely into a blockchain, where that data is encrypted, managed and owned only by YOU.

If you go to the doctor, you no longer give them the information on that piece of paper. Instead, you simply grant this doctor access to your health records while still retaining ownership over that file. When you are done with this doctor, your health information is then saved back to the blockchain that YOU subscribed to, and you can then disable their access to your information. Your payment for the doctor’s service is one token that is already assigned to your personal account.

The next day, you decide that it is time to buy a new car. You activate your personal ID and contact information on automobile subscriptions, where companies now pay to subscribe to your information so that they can contact you as a potential customer and offer you options. You begin earning tokens for your data from companies looking to offer you services as they click on your contact information. After you choose a vehicle and make a purchase, you can safely disable your ID from this auto subscription. These automobile vendors would no longer have your data and you will not feel that you are continuously being spammed by vendors long after your purchases. This eliminates the system that leaves you wondering how companies even got your data to begin with – who else knows about your desire for a vehicle? Who sold your information? 

Imagine how this entire simple use case could change our lives or the world_ 

  1. Your information remains secure on the blockchain at all times 

  2. You may no longer require a bank transaction for your purchase, as you are using tokens to purchase a car

  3. This eliminates the need for web searches, fewer mailers talking about car deals and advertisements, and less spam. Companies would need to reconsider spending money on advertisements on print media. That industry would completely transform. Companies could buy only the users they want, which means no more shotgun adverts!

  4. Less energy and personal time required for navigating different sellers, such as not having to travel to different car dealerships - potentially reducing buyer’s stress.

  5. By letting individuals manage their data, we can offset some compliance risk.

As your digital profile centralizes under your own control, this begins the evolution of the digital twin. Companies, people, pets, organizations, can all have digital twins. Leveraging blockchain technologies could eliminate GDPR and other complexities as privacy is enabled by these new concepts. The next evolution from Web 2.0 (cloud apps) to Web 3.0 (blockchain) to Web 4.0, which is a full digital twin, may be evolving right before our eyes in 2022. 

On this journey, you have to decide if you are chasing the White Rabbit at the racetrack, or if you want to offer something that becomes the White Rabbit. Stay tuned with Aptimized as we begin this journey with several customers. Follow us on social media to be notified of updates. 

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