Aptimized provides a unique Data Migration Methodology encompassing the approach to safely and accurately transporting your data from a legacy system to a higher quality production system. Aptimized offers modern technology support which includes transitioning from outdated technology to the latest tools in the industry all the while preserving the quality of your data and processes. Cost-effective, high quality solutions are never out of your reach.


  • Extract the data from the legacy system
  • Data cleansing by eliminating duplicate data
  • Reconcile the data to ensure succussful extraction


  • Store extracted data
  • Perform data mapping and add the mandatory data as required
  • Transform the data and generate SAP input file
  • Verify the transformed data


  • Load the data into test system to perform trial/mock conversions
  • Verify the data
  • Load data to the SAP quality/production system
  • Generate reports of the loaded data


Reconcile the data from the legacy system with SAP S4/HANA

Consider Key Factors:

  • Sources systems
  • Data volume (Master & Transaction)
  • Scope of historical data to be archived to data warehouse
  • Data cleansing and quality
  • List of data objects to be migrated
  • Classification of the data
  • Mapping and transformation
  • Identify tools needed for the migration
  • Business criticality of data (precision)
  • Decide whether method of conversion is either manual or automated based on the volume (Spreadsheet, LSMW, AVAP program, or BDC) and financial criticality
  • Data validation
  • Data reconciliation