Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM) helps you achieve supply chain operational excellence and responsiveness in terms of high warehouse productivity and efficiency, accurate inventory visibility, better space utilization, integrated warehousing and logistics, and better customer service. Aptimized will work with you to derive EWM solutions for every problem your organization is facing. As certified professionals with an extensive history of implementing the best technology solutions, the Aptimized team is the right fit for your needs.

EWM Services

  • Goods receipt management and optimization
  • Quantity based put-away
  • Cross-line put-away
  • Customer returns with quality inspection on RF
  • Bin sectioning
  • Large-small quantity picking with picking waves
  • Using Pick Point for picking partial quantities
  • Consolidation for packing at "bus stops"
  • Staging
  • Loading on transportation unit
  • Shipping cockpit
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Replenishment
  • Scrapping with RF

Aptimized’s rapid deployment solution helps you to efficiently roll-out best practices, especially when your organization requires core warehouse processes. Our solution strongly supports a system-based blueprinting approach, resulting in a high-quality warehouse process design and an accelerated evaluation of the many EWM process options.

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