Any successful business, whether small or large, has basic security policies put in place to keep confidential information out of the wrong hands. Logs are often used to gain information on potential attacks and security breaches (DDoS, unknown IP). Larger companies with more complex security measures can produce millions of lines of log information everyday. Aptimized strives to deliver success for your business while prioritizing security. Your data will be in the safe hands of Google-certified Aptimized professionals who are experienced in detecting anomalies, securing your systems, and preventing future threats.

Google Security Measures

Analytics (Chronicle):

Chronicle is designed to help enterprises analyze and search through the massive amounts of security, network, and telemetry they generate. It is a cloud service built on top of Google that can handle petabytes of information, all with Google search speed. With built-in threat detection, the ability to investigate incidents, and third-party intelligence such as Avast, Virus Total, and Homeland Security, Chronicle provides instant analysis and context on risky activity.

Zero Trust (Beyond Corp):

With so many different cyber threats, today’s organizations need a new way to effectively adapt to the dynamic modern environment. Organizations that follow the Zero Trust model are less likely to become victim of an internal attack, intentional or not. Following the Zero Trust policy helps organizations set policy rules, limiting the amount of access a certain type of user should have. It is based on years of following the best business practices and helps mitigate threats from within your network.

End Point (Anthos):

Companies with complex on-premise or hybrid environments can benefit from Anthos. Anthos provides organizations with centralized monitoring of their infrastructure, policies, and services. Anthos gives organizations a reliable platform for all of their deployments while offering a central view of all environments.

Anthos enables you to run Kubernetes clusters from anywhere, both in the cloud and on-premises. You can define policies to limit unauthorized access in order to meet business requirements

General Security and Networking:

DDoS Protection entails protection against a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack, which can be very damaging if a company isn’t prepared for overwhelming amounts of traffic. DDoS attacks differ from regular denial-of-service attacks in that the traffic comes from many distributed devices rather than one. Hackers use “zombified” devices to create a powerful network of bots which can then attack networks, websites, applications, and anything else attached to the internet. While you can't prevent DDoS attacks from happening, you can certainly optimize your networks and applications to help mitigate the effect of one.

Google DDoS protection is built for anything connected to the Internet, providing you with a large range of security measures. This DDoS protection stops unwanted traffic from flooding your websites, applications, and networks while allowing legitimate traffic to continue as normal.

Google Cloud Load Balancing boosts your server’s performance with the addition of auto-scaling capabilities. See which load balancing solution works for you. There are different options when it comes to seeing which load balancing solution works for you. Aptimized will help you decide in choosing the one that maximizes application performance and availability.