Transform the way that your team receives information by centralizing your data into one consolidated unit to fit your company’s needs. Group Reporting makes financial close for your business easier by connecting to both non-SAP and SAP data sources. By eliminating this manual task, Group Reporting enhances and accelerates the financial close process.

Improving Financial Close

SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting is the ultimate tool to improve financial close. Group Reporting consolidates both global and local operational accounting. It also accommodates data from non-SAP S/4HANA systems. Group Reporting maintains the quality of your business’s data by sharing the same master data and rules for group and local financial closing. As both a cloud and on-premise entity, Group Reporting’s flexibility makes consolidating your data much more feasible.

Group Reporting significantly cuts down the timeline for financial close because it allows flexibility in making local adjustments before the final step. With greater transparency and detailed insights, Group Reporting makes transactions thoroughly accessible. 

Group Reporting makes plan consolidation more comprehensive and enables predictability based on financial postings and sales data.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cutting-edge tool that will transform the way that your team makes decisions and collaborates. By gaining the insight to discover, analyze, and predict future outcomes in your business finances, you will be able to make end-end decisions based on data and analytics. Its extensive collaboration capabilities allow for comments, planning workflows, and discussions.

Why Aptimized Utilizes Group Reporting

  • Direct access eliminates lengthy reconciliation processes
  • Combines local + group close increasing speed, accuracy, and group transparency
  • Greater efficiency and automation for reporting and compliance
  • Cloud-based application supporting continuous accounting practices
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