The Aptimized Approach

The organization is one of the biggest publishing houses in the world, delivering books, journals, and online content globally. The IT infrastructure of the organization is crucial to both supporting business processes as well as delivering products.

The IT spend was over 9% of its annual cost, ensuring data and processes are robust and functioning as needed, which are critical to the organization’s operations.

Informatica was used by the organization across its global offices for both front and back office needs. It connected the customer data sets, giving critical insight to behaviors and trends of customers across the globe. Making sure Informatica was being utilized fully and efficiently was vital in determining the quality of the organization’s overall data.

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The Problem

The problem manifested over a period of time; data in reports were not aligned, the business and IT were at odds with each other, and data collation and validation was becoming arduous and costly over a period of six months. The organization had invested large amounts into Informatica and were slowly losing trust in its outputs.

Our client was unable to utilize Informatica for:

Reporting because bad data had rendered all critical reporting as useless and spent on other methods

Customer experience was bad, resulting in orders not being placed and losing business

Customer records were duplicated, and new master data fixes exacerbated the issue

Products were also duplicated, resulting in failed revenue when orders errored out

Hundreds of thousands of incorrect customers remained in the system

Revenue and customer dissatisfaction impacted the problem

The customer originally requested help from a large consultancy, which failed to even identify what the issue was. Their focus of the exercise was around data feed from the new ERP, as that was the latest change to the landscape.

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Beyond QuickBooks

The reality is that we have done this even from more robust financial programs such as NetSuite, SAP, etc. It’s a cost effective solution with unmatched report output flexibility. Our solution pulls from your environment to store and present your financial data.

By using Microsoft Office applications, we allow organizations to leverage their existing licenses, which provides significantly more freedom as compared to other tools.

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How Aptimized Helped

Using a small dedicated team of 6 members, Aptimized began building the project with 1 project manager, 2 business analysts, 2 Informatica experts, and 1 integration expert. We allotted this project a delivery window of 3 months.

Within this timeframe, we aimed to focus on validating feeds, confirming data integrity and structure, and redesigning reporting structure as well as aligning new data ingress with legacy ingress. To successfully optimize Informatica for the client, we made sure to develop error trapping and data conventions for all data. One of our priorities was the removal of duplication and realignment of data hierarchies


Throughout the three month period, the team identified a number of key issues, which included:

Issue cause by poor legacy data that was not discovered by “the big 4” during testing of the ERP program

Reporting had been built to address new ERP and was not engineered for all data

Master data structure did not consider multiple feeds

Legacy reports still retained data that was obsolete

Conflicts of data types render reports inoperable or failed

Results & Benefits

The Aptimized team was successful in delivering the following:

Fixed Informatica solution resulting in a saving of a million in cost

Redefined and delivered ensured revenue data and reporting

Fixed primary and secondary reporting

Cleansed legacy data

Fixed existing and implemented new business rules to prevent future issues

Resolved data issues connected to customer satisfaction and the dropped orders

For a fixed fee, daily stakeholder management, and regular executive reporting on status, Aptimized successfully accomplished the client’s objectives and exceeded expectations for the end product.

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