Now more than ever, it is vital to propel a business into the digital age. Application transformations aim to streamline business processes, change culture, and produce an efficient outcome by virtualizing new or existing infrastructure into a modern framework. As the leader of providing modern technology support, Aptimized will make sure that your business does not fall behind. Enable your organization to evolve with contemporary trends and technology.

Manageable and Modern Transformations


A key aspect of any application transformation is the modernization of legacy applications. This modernization can take many forms, such as a full migration to cloud infrastructure or just the restructuring of in-house processes. Aptimized’s certified professionals are well-suited to work with Google’s tools to discover what the most effective transformation would be as well as to plan and execute this transformation.


One of the most powerful tools in an application transformation is Google’s Anthos, an all-in-one management engine which unifies cloud services and on-premises resources. Anthos allows for the building and deployment of apps across all services from any location and promises security in all of its actions. One of Anthos’ most powerful features is its integration with Google Kubernetes Engine, making it easy to transform existing apps into containerized Kubernetes applications, able to run on both in-house and cloud infrastructure.


Containerization through Kubernetes is an incredibly streamlined and popular process. Containerized services, managed by Kubernetes, are simpler to administer and more cost-effective than traditional services ran on a virtual machine. As part of an application transformation solution, containerization enables the movement of legacy applications to a platform where they can be run on both in-house and cloud infrastructure. Google’s Kubernetes Engine is a cloud-based PaaS option which allows for the remote running of Kubernetes applications in the Google Cloud Environment.


An application transformation must be flexible to meet the needs of any business and the pre-existing services. Solutions powered by Google services offer incredible flexibility, with options to use their management services on bare metal and even with other cloud providers, such as AWS. Aptimized will work with you to develop its application transformation solution, basing decisions on your business needs and efficiency.