Aptimized offers a wide variety of technological functions that propose an optimized, technically-advanced operating model for application support, involving the transfer of maintenance and development activities. Many organizations currently run on outdated technologies and are faced with opportunities to accelerate the retirement of legacy applications. Transitioning to a future state architecture will better encompass your business needs. In order to make this change, they often need to free up key internal capacity to support transformational initiatives and create flexibility to meet varying levels of demand.

This is where Aptimized can help.

  • Organizational Change Management

    Aptimized provides the best solutions through our Organizational Change Management Deliverable Plan that let you prepare, manage, and reinforce change.

  • Application Support & Maintenance

    We help customers adopt strategies that improve existing capabilities to aid in the transformation and eliminate the need to create parallel organizations.

  • Data Productization

    Growth in the digital space is emerging as a top priority in today’s business world. Aptimized will help customers leverage data, create value, and increase revenue.

  • ServiceNow

    We he enterprises operate more efficiently by automating routine tasks. ServiceNow specializes in IT services and provides a management tool via SaaS.

  • AI Tools

  • Cloud-First Solutions

  • Free Up Capacity

  • Data Migrations/ETL

  • Sustainability Modeling

  • Agile

  • Dev/Ops

  • A Guide to Cloud Computing and the Digital Revolution

    Navigating the cloud can be a very difficult pursuit, but understanding the why’s and how’s of cloud computing is a necessity to maintain growth through the Digital Revolution.

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  • Rubrik Cloud Protection for Commercial Use

    Rubrik offers all-in-one protection from ransomware and maximizes data security with automated backups and fast recovery solutions.

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  • ECC6 Data Archiving

    Aptimized will help you determine the roadmap for your company when deciding how to migrate your legacy SAP ECC6 environment.

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